​Ingrown Toenail         After Surgery

​Severe Bunion                  After Surgery

​Uncorrected               Corrected

After Surgery

Preventive Care:

We stress preventive foot care, especially for children. When early medical intervention is provided, we are often able to eliminate serious consequences that can develop later in life. For example, children's flat feet and adult's ingrown nails are 2 problems that can be treated almost painlessly if detected early. Helping you avoid a serious problem before it happens, we: • Safely trim nails, corns and callouses, and treat ingrown nails and infections. • Test and monitor circulation, offer complete diabetic foot care. • Design and fit custom orthotics and molded shoes.

Urgent Care:

During a typical day, your feet take considerable abuse. They are often involved in accidents at home, in your recreational activities, or on the job. We offer immediate treatment for all types of injuries to the foot with a special focus on sports-related injuries. While our goal is to return you to health and competition quickly, we stress long-term care and conditioning to fully rehabilitate your injury. We offer treatment for:  

• Sprained Ankles and Foot Fractures.

• Stress Fractures, Tendonitis and Overuse Conditions.

• Cuts, Infections, and Skin Lesions.

Foot and Ankle Surgery:

Dr. Ross uses the newest and most advanced techniques for reconstructive foot surgery to correct a foot deformity, repair an injury, or surgically treat: • Bunions, Neuromas

• Flat Feet, Hammertoes, Ingrown Nails

• Arthritic Conditions, Heel Spurs

You'll find that we care about both your feet and your financial health. We have many payment options available for your convenience. Prompt payment allows us to keep our costs down while maintaining a high standard of medical excellence.
INSURANCE: if you need assistance with your forms, we will gladly help prepare them for you. HMOs/PPOs: We participate in many health care plans in our area. Please ask our staff for details. MEDICARE: As a courtesy to our senior patients, we prepare and submit all Medicare forms for insurance reimbursement.


An orthotic device modifies the position and thus the function of your feet and ankles, thereby relieving abnormal stress. We have an outstanding record of success using orthotics. It's a conservative treatment for structural or muscular weakness and imbalances of the foot and leg.